Jeong Do Jeon

Title: 정도전 /
Also known as: Jung Do Jun
Genre: Daeha drama, Historical, political, action, thriller
Episodes: 50+
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-04 to 2014-??
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40
The late 14th c, Goryeo. Abuse of power and corruption made people to leave the government offices and only the corrupted people are left in the high offices. When there seem to be no hope, there are a group of young people who values the meaning of scholar heavily. They are the Sungkyunkwan scholars who have dreams to bring peace to the world and they were the hope of Goryeo. Sambong Jung Do Jun is one of them. He believed that the old corrupted government should be destroyed and the destiny of scholars is to build an idealistic country.
Main Cast
Jo Jae Hyun as Jung Do Jun
Kang Yi Suk as young Jung Do Jun
Yoo Dong Geun as Lee Sung Gye, later King Tae Jo
Park Young Kyu as Lee In Im
Suh In Suk as Choi Young
Im Ho as Jung Mong Joo

People around Jung Do Jun
Lee Ah Hyun as Lady Choi (Jung Do Jun’s wife)
Lee Choon Shik (이춘식) as Deuk Bo Ah Bum

People around Lee Sung Gye
Ahn Jae Mo as Lee Bang Won
Lee Il Hwa as Lady Kang, later Queen Shin Duk (Lee Sung Gye’s 2nd wife)
Sun Dong Hyuk (선동혁) as Lee Ji Ran

Goryeo Conservative Party
Jung Ho Geun as Im Kyun Mi
Kim Min Sang (김민상) as Uhm Heung Bang
Bang Hyung Joo (방형주) as Ji Yoon
Kwon Tae Won as Ahn Sa Ki

Goryeo Royal House
Kim Myung Soo as King Gong Min
Lee Duk Hee as Queen Myung Duk
Kim Min Joo as Lady Jung Bi of Ahn clan
Lee So Yoon (이소윤) as Lady Ik Bi of Han clan
Park Jin Woo as King Woo
Jung Yoon Suk as young King Woo / Mo Ni Noh
Jun Ik Ryung as Lady Jang (King Woo’s nanny)
Kim Jin Tae as Kyung Bok Heung
Lee Jung Sung as Choi Man Saeng
Seo Woo Jin as Hong Ryun

Young Intellectuals/Scholars
Park Ji Il as Lee Saek
Kim Seung Wook as Park Sang Choong
Lee Kwang Ki as Ha Ryun
Kim Chul Ki as Kwon Geun
Jung Hee Tae (정희태) as Lee Soong In
Shin Yong Gyu (신용규) as Lee Chum

People of Geopyung Boo Gok
Jang Tae Sung as Hwang Chun Bok
Lee Dae Ro as Hwang Yun
Kang Ye Sol as Yang Ji

Production Credits
Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il
Director: Kang Byung Taek (강병택), Lee Jae Hoon (이재훈)
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Min (정현민)
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