Jin Yi Han on his relationship with Ha Ji Won, “We are just friends”


There have been rumors lately about ’s relationship with . It has been on trend on the internet regarding the “Jin Yi Han Lover” which actually pops out on the search engine whenever their names are searched on. Since the two have worked together in the MBC drama “”, their close relationship in the set has taken much attention.

In a recent interview with Jin Yi Han with TVReport on July 2, he made a statement clarifying his relationship with Ha Ji Won saying that it was just nothing but a close friendship. He said that they are good friends because they have the same age.

Jin Yi Han said, “I was actually surprised about those rumors. I don’t know why those words come out. There isn’t any truth about it.”


He added, “Ha Ji Won and I are of the same age that’s why we’re very good friends. That’s just it. We are just friends. Since we both are in the same age, she and I talk about such things in the set most of the time. I think the closeness that we’ve had has been misunderstood and people think something’s going on between us.”

The actor also admitted that he and Ha Ji Won still keep in touch even after the drama ended. He said, “We still send each other messages through Kakao Talk and ask how each one is doing.”

Do you think Ha Ji Won and Jin Yi Han could possibly end up as a real couple?

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  • Myles

    Though they are just friends… hoping someday they will be more than friends. They look good together.. Agree!!!

  • Leila

    I also hope they would be a couple sooooon! for real! they look so good together. I’ve loved them when I watched them in Empress Ki! <3

  • Amber