Joo Sang Wook appeared on popular variety show Healing Camp put his family history on the line

Actor broke his mind to audiences about his family history.
“May father, whom I barely remembers, died when I was eight years old,” said Joo Sang Wook appeared on SBS‘s variety show Healing Camp on October 14. “I was played jokes on throughout my elementary school years for having mother only. I used to fight a lot in a fit of rage whenever children teased me,” added Joo.
“Did he die from an illness?” one of the show host Lee Kyung Kyu, an actor and comedian, asked him. “I have never asked my mother the cause of death. My father having worked for a bank suddenly coughed up blood as he walked along the street during lunch break. He died in the end although he was rushed to a hospital next to the bank,” he answered. “With the bad news on the phone, I wished that he had a miraculous escape like a movie when I arrived at the hospital. However, contrary to my expectation, the patient eventually died when I got there,” he added.
On the other hand, the-35-year-old actor spoke candidly about the boy who had no interest in studying unlike his sisters were doing well at school: his older sister graduated from Yonsei University and his younger sister graduated from Seoul National University.

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