Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Husband’s Envy of Lee Min-ho

has revealed that her husband has been envying .

The production announcement of the new SBS drama ‘’ (writer Song Ji-na, producer Kim Jong-hak, Shin Young-hwi) has taken place on August 9th with lead actors Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min-ho, Yoo Oh-Sung, Phillip Lee, and Ryu Duk-hwan in attendance.

Kim Hee Sun has revealed her husband’s envy on Lee Min-ho’s casting, saying that “actually, my husband has envied him a lot”.

“My husband has envied a lot after knowing Lee Min-ho’s casting in the drama. I think he envies him because he is more handsome and younger than him.”

“In the end, he gave up, and he is now a fan of Lee Min-ho”, she commented.

‘Faith’ is a fantasy historical-medical drama depicting Choi Young (Lee Min-ho), a general of Goryeo, and Eun-soo (Kim Hee Sun), a modern-day plastic surgeon, and their effort to establish a true king over the land of Goryeo and their romance.

The drama features the collaboration between Kim Jong-hak and Song Ji-na, the first after their latest collaboration in 2007, the ‘Legend’, and features Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min-ho, Yoo Oh-Sung, Phillip Lee, Seong Woong, Ryu Duk-hwan, and Park Se-young.

The video of their interview:

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