Korean dramas and movies that are anticipated to take off this year


Ongoing dramas and God’s Gift – 14 Days are currently getting positive reviews and feedbacks from the viewers.

God’s Gift – 14 Days revolves around a story of a mother, Kim Soo Hyun, () who tries to save her daughter, Saet Byul, (Kim Yoo Bin) as she goes back in time and was given 14 days to change her daughter’s fate. A former detective, Ki Dong Chan, () joins in to search for Saet Byul’s murderer and desperately helps Soo Hyun to change her daughter’s fate. As they go through investigations, shocking revelations were unveiled. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan need to accomplish everything in rush as their time decreases and changing the fate becomes complicated. The thrill rises and the plot comes up to its climax as Soo Hyun and Dong Chan continue to search who’s behind Saet Byul’s death.

Another SBS drama Three Days, starring Park Yoo Chun, who plays the role of a bodyguard, Han Tae Kyung, tries to search for the president () as it went missing after three gunshots were fired and heard. Viewership ratings of this drama, now and then, increase. It also receives positive feedbacks because of its interesting plot.

’s comeback movie (King’s Wrath) is one of the most anticipated movies this year since it will be Hyun Bin’s movie after his military service. Hyun Bin will portray a role of a king, King Jeongjo, as the 22ndruler of the Joseon Dynasty. He would attempt to protect his royal powers from the two opposing factions, Noron and Soron. The Fatal Encounter will be released on April 30, 2014. Breathtaking action scenes and assassinations will be revealed in the movie.

Another action movie which will be released the same day as the The Fatal Encounter and is to be anticipated is . Ryoo Seung Ryong takes the lead role as an ex-soldier who gets hired by Lee Jin Wook when his wife gets kidnapped. Ryoo Seung Ryoo is the only to get his wife’s life back to safety. Intense fighting scenes and breathtaking pursuits are expected to be seen in the movie. Target is one of the most anticipated movies since a lot of big stars will be participating in. It is a movie remake of the 2010 French film Point Blank.

Meanwhile, the most popular drama that still kicks off in various sites in Korea and abroad is the SBS drama . The drama ended last February but still on trend in Korea especially in China. So far, the drama has received over a billion views in China. Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun took the lead roles which fired up the fans in romance. You Who Came from the Stars is about an alien, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), who landed on earth and eventually fell in love with a top Korean actress Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Consequences of a complicated and unusual love arise as the two find ways to keep their love on earth.

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