Ku Hye-sun’s Taiwanese Drama Broadcasting ‘Postponed’ in Japan

The broadcast of Ku Hye-sun’s latest drama from Taiwan, ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, has been ‘postponed’ by the BS Fuji.

On 31st, various Japanese media has reported that “BS Fuji’s broadcast of Taiwanese drama ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, planned on 13th’ has been decided to be postponed on 30th”.

According to the report, the broadcast station has cited “broadcasting issues” on the postponing of the drama.

BS Fuji is the satellite network of the main Japanese broadcasting station Fuji TV. The company cites “broadcasting issues” as the reason of the postponing but some have cited Ku Hye-sun’s previous comments regarding Dokdo as the cause of their action.

Ku Hye-sun, earlier on 2008, has commented that “Dokdo is a Korean Territory” on an interview. The interview has been circulating in the Japan’s anti-Korean netizens recently, and the video clip of the interview has been posted on Youtube.

The indefinite postponing of actor Song Il-guk’s dramas in BS Nippon and BS Japan after his August 15th swim to Dokdo adds strength to these claims as well.

‘Absolute Boyfriend’ is a drama based on Japanese manga, and has garnered popularity with Ku Hye-sun’s acting of the lead role.

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