Kyuhyun and Chang Min Takes Potshots at Each Other

Kyuhyun and Chang Min Takes Potshots at Each Other

of Super Junior and of took turns bashing each other with words in , showing off their friendship.

In the August 1st episode of MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’, the cast of the musical ‘’, including musical actors Nam Kyung-joo, Jeong Seong-hwa, Chang Min of 2AM, and Lee Min-ho of ‘The Rooftop Prince’. Kyuhyun took potshots at Chang Min, who is known to be good friends with him, during the filming.

Kyuhyun began with “it’s Chang Min again, he who goes meddling in everywhere”, taking a shot at Chang Min. He continued with his barrage when he presented Lee Min-ho with a question, referring to Chang Min insincerely as ‘that guy’.

Kyuhyun, whose popularity in the Radio Star is because of his character of ‘The Venomous Idol’, could not escape from Chang Min as well. Chang Min told Kyuhyun, “what are you going to do when you meet the seniors that you’ve been attacking so far outside the show?” And perhaps with Nam Kyung-joo in mind, who reportedly treats his juniors without any hierarchy in mind, and who reportedly expresses his affections for his juniors with a slap on their cheeks, he gave a halfhearted warning that “you won’t get away with just a slap”, with a teasing tone.

Chang Min, in his earlier appearance with the 2AM members, have left a strong impression with his ascetic life. Chang Min has commented that “I went to sleep on eleven-thirty last night, too”, showing his ascetic lifestyle.

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