Lee Dong Wook shows realistic acting as he takes his revenge to Park Bom

takes his sweet revenge to as he used his realistic acting skills to make fall for his trick.

On the June 8th broadcast of , Lee Dong Wook’s arrival back in the “” house  was quite a happy moment for his housemates, but unfortunately, he’s not the highlight of the night.

Park Bom and plotted a prank wherein both of them posed as a “couple”. They had almost everyone fall for it as both of them have complete set of props. They have their couple tees, couple rings, couple handphone cases and even socks! The night when Lee Dong Wook arrive, it was also the night that Park Bom and is celebrating their 8th day of being a “couple.” Lee Dong Wook was pretty stunned by this announcement and he couldn’t believe it at first.

Viewers are all in excitement and fun as it was initially revealed in the previous episodes of “Roommate” that Park Bom has feelings for Lee Dong Wook and Dong Wook seems to like the fact that Park Bom likes him as well. This is why he was totally shocked that Park Bom is dating Park Min Woo.


That night, Lee Dong Wook keeps on saying that he’s not convinced, but in his solo interview, he revealed that he almost fell for it and that it made him so shocked. The confusion ended when Park Min Woo and Park Bom decided to reveal the truth to everyone, saying that they were just playing around and that them being a couple was just an act. Everyone was speechless and Lee Dong Wook thought that they might be just saying that it was a joke to cover up their relationship.

Lee Dong Wook was quite surprised and he felt really tricked by Park Bom, so he then plotted his revenge by using his acting skills. He asked Se Ho to act along with him and was later on joined by Shin Sung Woo. Everyone was aware about the act except Park Bom, nana and Hong Soo Hyun. Jo Se Ho first started the fight as he acted out mad and agitated with Lee Dong Wook. Dong Wook then gave harsh words to Se Ho too heating up the entire conversation. Their fight seemed so real that Park Bom was the most shocked with the happening.

Other housemates pretended to stop the men from fighting while Bom is still in shock, standing up and walking back and forth not knowing what she should do. Their voices raise and then they finally revealed that it was all an act. Park Bom was so surprised but ended up just laughing about it.

Lee Dong Wook was very satisfied with his revenge to Park Bom. Do you think there’s something interesting that will blossom between the two? Find out in the next episode of SBS Roommate.

Roommate airs every on SBS.

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  • korimorena

    DongHae couple is real. Stop ruining it with your publicity stunt!!! HOTEL KING is a must watch. DongHae Couple is the best!FIGHTING!

  • Andrea

    Agreed !!!!

  • Lady

    Dong Wook really likes Da Hae that’s why he chose her to be his partner again. If you watch bts Wookie hugs Da Hae all the time, eventhough its not in the script. Hope they end up together for keeps!!!

  • korimorena

    yup! I love to see or hear they get married after the drama. I can imagine it, so lovely and a happy day!

  • korimorena