Lee Hye Sook

Name: 이혜숙 / (Lee Hye Suk)
Profession: Actress, model
Birthdate: 1962-Sep-04
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Star sign: Virgo
Family: Husband and daughter

TV Shows
I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon (KBS1, 2012)
Fashion King (SBS, 2012)
If Tomorrow Comes (SBS, 2011)
The Women of Our Home (KBS1, 2011)
Dream High (KBS2, 2011)
Pure Pumpkin Flower (SBS, 2010)
Definitely Neighbors (SBS, 2010)
Hero (MBC, 2009)
Don’t Hesitate (SBS, 2009)
Partner (KBS2, 2009) cameo
Give Me Food (MBC, 2009)
City of Glass (SBS, 2008)
You Are My Destiny (KBS1, 2008)
Why Did You Come to My House (SBS, 2008)
Landscape in My Heart (KBS1, 2007)
Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum (MBC, 2008)
Ground Zero (MBC, 2007)
By Land and Sky (KBS1, 2007)
Me Ri, Dae Gu’s Attack and Defense Battle (MBC, 2007)
Special Crime Investigation (KBS2, 2006)
Pure 19 (KBS1, 2006)
Mr Goodbye (KBS2, 2006)
Sad Goodbye (KBS2, 2005)
Loveholic (KBS2, 2005)
Wonderful Life (MBC, 2005)
Encounter (MBC, 2005)
Hyung (KBS2, 2004)
She Is Nineteen (SBS, 2004)
The Age of Heroes (MBC, 2004)
April Kiss (KBS2, 2004)
Breathless (MBC, 2003)
King’s Woman (SBS, 2003)
One Million Roses (KBS1, 2003)
Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
Country Princess (MBC, 2003)
Hello! Balbari (KBS2, 2003)
Chomsungdae’s Moon (KBS2, 2003)
Ruler of Your Own World (MBC, 2002)
Successful Story of a Bright Girl (SBS, 2002)
Stepmother (KBS1, 2001)
Delicious Proposal (MBC, 2001)
SWAT Police (SBS, 2000)
Virtue (SBS, 2000)
She’s the One (KBS2, 2000)
School 1 (KBS2, 1999)
The Imjin War (MBC, 1985)

Take Off (2009)
Open City (2008)
Wanee and Junah (2001)
Kim’s War (1992)
Silver Stallion (1991)
Passion Portrait (1991)
Camels Don’t Cry Alone (1991)
Sorrow (1987)
Time of Temptation (1986)
Jung-gwang’s Nonsense(1986)
Placenta (1986)
The Stranger (1985)
Holy Mission (1984)
Samchon Tom ui odumak (1981)
Black Foot (1974)

Education: Hanyang University

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