Lee Hyo Ri Reveals Her Plan on Her Marriage with Lee Sang Soon

Lee Hyo Ri revealed her plan on her marriage with through Twitter.

On July 31st, Lee wrote on her Twitter, ‘I saw the news that our marriage got postponed. I’m assuming a lot of you are worried if something bad has happened to us.’ She continued, ‘We always wanted a small, quiet wedding only with each other’s parents and siblings instead of a fancy wedding. I’ve always wanted a quiet wedding, and Sang Soon and his family agreed with me, so we decided not to have a ceremony. It’ll be an important moment of my life, so I wanted to spend a quiet and meaningful time with our family.’

Lastly she said, ‘I want to thank each one of my acquaintance who sent me their wishes for my marriage. I’ll live happily ever after~!”

(Source: Stardailynews)

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