Lee Jong Suk – one of the most promising young actors in Korea

The “” lead actor has conquered a leap of success at a young age. has starred in different dramas with major roles which have brought him to fame.

At the age of 24, Lee Jong Suk seemed to have accomplished a lot in the field of acting industry.

Lee Jong Suk debuted in the drama “Princess Prosecutor” back in 2010. But his succeeding projects have taken off widely in Korea such as “Secret Garden” and “” and with his current drama “Doctor Stranger”. He also took one of the lead roles in the movie “The Face Reader” in 2013.

In his 2013 SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice”, Lee Jong Suk was awarded as the Excellent Actor for portraying the lead role. He was also awarded as the Best New Actor with the drama “” in 2012. Currently, Lee Jong Suk has carried his major role in the drama “Doctor Stranger” on SBS which has also been a success as it ends on July 8. Though the ratings didn’t surpass the ratings of his previous dramas, “Doctor Stranger” ended successfully.


In just a couple of years, Lee Jong Suk has established his image not only as young amateur actor, but as a professional actor in different roles. Though he has gotten much popular because of his good looks, his acting ability and professionalism have brought him into fame and success in the acting industry. His flexibility in acting has been witnessed in various roles and drama genres which had been a great challenge to him.

Now in his mid-20s, Lee Jong Suk has been given such opportunities in acting. He’s been in a total of 13 movie and drama projects just within years since his debut in 2010.

A lot of loyal viewers and supporters have been expecting more of him as they watch him grow and mature over the years to come. At a young age, Lee Jong Suk is, without a question, one of the most promising young actors in Korea.

What role would you like him to portray next?

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  • kimhyunmin

    true!just being humble LJS

  • Cambodia Nice

    The best acting in the smart way or intelligent person is suited him the most. Do not change it.

  • Codeblue

    Congrats Lee Jong Suk, you well deserved it! He is indeed a very talented hardworking young man :-). Stay humble & kind. He has many loyal fans & I’m one of them. Thanks!