Lee Min Ho gathered 40,000 fans in his promotion events in the Philippines


Lee Min Ho successfully finished his fan meeting in the .

Actor Lee Min Ho has struck the Philippines once again wherein his fan meeting was attended by an overwhelming scale of fans. Only with his 2 days of promotion in the Philippines, he already gathered a total of 40,000 fans which shows his great popularity in the country.

On March 21, Lee Min Ho held a major promotion event themed as “BENCHSETTER in Manila where a total of 15,000 fans attended the event. On March 22, he was also scheduled for a commercial shoot for a Philippine clothing brand. On March 23, Lee Min Ho once again held another promotion event and two guerrilla fan meetings in one of Asia’s largest shopping Malls, SM Mall of Asia. The said event was in total blast and was attended by thousands of fans. The two major events attracted and gathered massive crowds and caused traffic chaos.

The event was also attended not only by the massive crowd of fans but also by Ben Chan, the chairman of the Philippine clothing brand “Bench”. Many other celebrities also attended the promotion events.


The Philippine local media introduced Lee Min Ho as the “South Korea’s Superstar” and the “South Korea’s Culture icon”. They reported, “Lee Min Ho has been a real icon in the Philippines where the people mimic his style and even memorize his drama lines. Lee Min Ho has now been a great trend in the country and a major syndrome. The Filipinos even say ‘If you want to learn more about Korea’s culture, you should watch Lee Min Ho’s dramas.’ ”  

A local official said, “His constant humbleness is what makes him so popular. He is indeed one of the most exemplary Korean stars.”

Lee Min Ho has gained much popularity in the Philippines since his Korean dramas Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith which were all released in the country.

A lot of critics commented that actor Lee Min Ho has played a significant part and contributed much in the big industry of the Korean Wave and said, “Lee Min Ho has set foot for the new beginning of the Korean Wave. It was first on trend in Japan and has grown widely in China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will fly to Chengdu China on March 24 for another promotion.

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  • maria0313

    Lee MIn Ho is well loved by his fans (including me) in the Philippines because of his humility, and the love he showed to his fans. No matter how tired he is he’s always smiling and accommodate everyone ! Well ,were expecting him to visit us again next year!

  • Nastassja Aaliyah

    Lee Min Ho is marked by modesty and humbleness in his attitude, behaviour and spirit. Those are the reasons why Philippine people admire and love him as well. His humulity makes him a GREAT person. The days he has been here in the Philippines were one of the happiest moments we ever had. You always make us happy and smile Lee Min Ho oppa..Thank you. Saranghe …please be back soon…we miss you…

  • iloveminho


  • gel <3

    joahe <3 oppa !!