Lee Min Ho receives over 100 proposals in Korea and overseas

As actor Lee Min Ho continues to rise on its unreachable peak of fame, various proposals in Korea and overseas have been offered to the actor more particularly with dramas and movies.

Lee Min Ho’s agency Star Haus Entertainment said, “Lee Min Ho is currently filming for his upcoming movie . Despite his busy schedule for the shoot, different agencies have been sending scripts for movies and dramas.”

According to the agency, Lee Min Ho has already received over 100 scripts for movies and dramas not only in Korea but as well as overseas. Because of the actor’s fame, hundreds of proposals keep on going and Lee Min Ho’s agency is still busy going through all the proposals for the actor.

The agency added, “As a Hallyu Star, Lee Min Ho has also been receiving overseas love calls and we keep on going over the proposals day and night to opt whichever is the best for him. Since he starred in , it really took off in Korea and internationally which enabled us to establish a management team to carefully run through the project proposals or endorsement offers for him. The proposals have gone out to over a hundred so we are really careful evaluating each of them.”

Actor Lee Min Ho also expressed his gratitude for all the overwhelming proposals. He said, “Thank you for showing a lot of interest and for giving suggestions. It is indeed a great joy to me but as well as a difficult responsibility. I will carefully read the scripts as much as possible and go over the proposals. I’d also give a quick feedback and honest opinion regarding all these offers. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho has become popular with his various dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers”, “”, “”, “” and “”. The actor is currently filming for his movie “Gangnam Blues” which will be released this year.

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