Lee Seo-jin and Lee Seung-gi Spotted in Hong Kong Disneyland

Lee Seo-Jin and Lee Seung Ki

Lee Seung-gi, a singer and an actor, and Lee Seo-jin, an actor, has been seen in Hong Kong Disneyland.

On July 27th, the official Twitter of Hook Entertainment has revealed the pictures taken during their visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.

In the picture termed “while raining cats and dogs, Lee Seung-gi has returned to his childhood”, Lee Seung-gi is smiling adorably. Lee Seung-gi, with a squirrel-themed hat, is seen to be enjoying the Disneyland fully.

In the next picture, termed “the rain has stopped for now. Lee Seo-jin is resting on the bench”, Lee Seo-jin is looking at something far away, seemingly tired. He is holding a raincoat with Mickey Mouse on it, showing that he is in the Disneyland.

Before that, on July 26th, Hook Entertainment Twitter has revealed the picture of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo-jin side-by-side with the Hong Kong skyline in the background. In the picture termed “the two of them together! Lee Seo-jin and Lee Seung-gi together in front of a million-dollar skyline in Hong Kong island Victoria Park”, they are staring at the camera with their arms crossed, in similar fashion.

The netizens have commented, “Both of them really seems friendly”, “They seemed friendly when Lee Seo-jin appeard on 1 Night 2 Days as an Art School brother” “Hot guys in Disneyland”.

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