Lee Seung Gi completely recovers from the accident, apologizes to his fans


“You’re All Surrounded” actor, has been recently reported to have injured himself while filming for his drama. Due to the , was sent to the hospital and was advised to rest for a few days. He needed to postpone filming for his drama for him to be able to recover fast.

Currently, Lee Seung Gi has fully recovered. His eye has been completely healed which enables him to go back and continue filming for his drama. Although the actor has perfectly recovered from the accident, the staff and the production team took over the responsible to watch over the actor so that such accident won’t happen again.

Lee Seung Gi felt sorry for what happened and gave his apologies to his fans. He said, “I have brought so much inconvenience to all of you and I am really really sorry. I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for the loving staff who took good care of me. Thank you to all the staff and especially to my fans who have shown their care about me.”

Lee Seung Gi added, “Please look forward for Eun Dae Gu’s character. I promise to show my very best efforts.”

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