Lee Seung Gi gets seriously injured in the set of “You’re All Surrounded”, Doctors advised not to resume filming


Actor was reported to have himself injured while filming for his drama “You’re All Surrounded.” The actor had an eye while filming an action scenario. A prop knife poked his left eye and seriously damaged his cornea which caused bleeding. Lee Seung Gi was immediately sent to the hospital when the incident occurred.

As soon as Lee Seung Gi was sent to a nearby hospital, doctors advised not to resume filming until he fully recovers. Despite the injury, the actor is still eager to resume filming for his drama since he’s the main character. But the doctor told him to rest for a few days.

Because of the incident, Lee Seung Gi apologized for postponing the shoot. The actor said, “Due to the , I have no choice but to stop filming and I am very sorry about it. I really feel sad. I will try my best to recover as soon as possible. Despite my condition, I want to thank all the loyal viewers of my drama.”

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    omo!!! you poor dear!!! mianhae da…. please take care of yourself, get plenty of rest and be safe and well! you are a brilliant young star on the show, and you must do what the doctor says. REST and be well. saranghae