Lee Seung Gi resumes filming for “You’re All Surrounded”, condition improves according to agency


On June 13, ’s agency Hook Entertainment reported that the actor’s condition has improved but still recovering. However, despite the incident, they have decided to resume filming also in favour of the actor’s request.

An official from Hook Entertainment said, “The doctor recommended not to go on filming because of Lee Seung Gi’s serious condition so we really had to stop filming. However, his status has improved very quickly so we decided to resume filming.”

Since the , Lee Seung Gi’s recovery was said to have been very quick though he still has to be careful and keep on recovering. The official continued, “His eye has improved a lot and a surgery wasn’t needed. He just has to take some time to rest and consistently visit the hospital for fast recovery. Lee Seung Gi is not yet in his best condition so we still have to observe him. But then, a schedule for filming is expected to take place soon.”

Despite the actor’s condition and doctor’s advice regarding his recovery, Lee Seung Gi still wants to push through shooting for his drama “You’re All Surrounded”.

Due to the incident, the 11th episode of “You’re All Surrounded” was immediately replaced with a special program.

TV viewers wish quick recovery for the actor. Get well soon!

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  • http://www.ladesignco.com ladesco

    thank god for your speedy recovery!!!!

  • IHeartKdramas

    I’m relieved to hear that he will be fully recovered soon! Honestly, I thought I stopped breathing when I heard about the accident. Get well soon Lee Seung Gi! :D But, does this mean that they won’t be showing episode 11 next Wednesday?