Lee Soo Hyuk feels thankful for the criticisms he receives in acting for “High Schooler King of Life”


“I think I get fewer criticisms this time than my previous projects before. I am thankful for that”, as Lee Soo Hyuk gratefully took the all the feedbacks positively.

Actor and model Lee Soo Hyuk portrays one of the lead roles in the drama “” as Yoo Jin Woo. Since the drama started, the actor has been receiving various feedbacks about his acting skills in the drama.

Lee Soo Hyuk admitted that he was once pressured with all the tension in acting and delivering his roles and at the same time, trying to please all the viewers and critics with his act. However, despite the criticisms, Lee Soo Hyuk stayed optimistic and appreciated all that and those encouraged him to work harder.

On July 21, on the set of the drama, Lee Soo Hyuk was asked about his thoughts toward his character and he said, “The drama is actually more of the comical side and Yoo Jin Woo’s character is far from that. He’s more of the dark side, I guess. I was worried because I know I need to put more feelings in it. I need to keep the balance of the drama, maintaining the seriousness of Yoo Jin Woo’s character.”


Meanwhile, his co-star complimented him for his great figure. She said, “While in Japan, Lee Soo Hyuk stayed in a hotel with a gym in it so that he could work out. Everybody in the staff said that his masculine figure was like an Evangelion.” (Evangelion is a Japanese animated series featuring muscular robots)

The actor admitted that it took long before he got this project so he needed to work out again to gain his muscles and to maintain his figure which he said was quite hard.

Lee Ha Na, on the other hand, also hinted the viewers with an unexpected finale. She said, “The chemistry between Lee Min Seok and Yoo Jin Woo may not be fun or quite playful but there would be a huge reversal in the finale. Please look forward to that.”

“High Schooler King of Life” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11PM on tvN.

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  • kristbjorg999

    He sure is an Evangelion :) But this drama is one of my favorites. Seo In Guk is such a great actor, soooo cute and Lee Soo Hyuk fits perfectly to his character, mysterious and hot.