Lee Young Ae pays massive hospital bills and saves the life of a Taiwanese baby


Korean actress saves a and its family after paying massive hospital bills. The gave birth to a premature baby in Seoul in February.

The Taiwanese mother was seven months pregnant when she had slipped in their bathroom which caused her to give birth earlier than the expected period. She gave birth to a premature baby. Unfortunately, the baby also had health complications in her liver and gall bladder which required an immediate operation.

Due to the operations performed on the baby, the hospital bills had gone high for almost $167,000 worth of bill. The parents of the baby were nothing but worried because of their insufficient funds to pay off the hospital bills.


Lee Young Ae then learned about the woman’s situation from a friend in Taiwan. When she heard about it, she offered her help and donated money to pay off the bills in the hospital. The actress also looked for another hospital that could offer better treatment for the baby.

According to Lee Young Ae’s agency, the actress didn’t want to reveal her identity to the family she helped but eventually decided to unveil her identity when the mother insisted to meet and personally thank the person who helped them. Lee Young Ae visited the Taiwanese mother personally and gave gifts to the mother and child.


The Taiwanese media learned about Lee Young Ae’s good deed and was very eager to learn about it but the actress turned down the interviews.

The mother was interviewed and said, “I thought that I could only see a beautiful actress like Lee Young Ae only on TV, but it’s definitely amazing how she saved my baby’s life! It’s really a miracle!”

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  • Aryanna

    So nice of her! She’s indeed a very beautiful actress with a beautiful heart :)