Leeteuk Departs From Both ‘Strong Heart’ and ‘Star King’

Leeteuk Departs From Both 'Strong Heart' and 'Star King'

of , who is facing his enlistment at the end of this year, will depart from the filming of ‘’ and ‘’ this month.

PD Ahn Beom-jin of SBS ‘Star King’ has commented on 12th, “Leeteuk is facing his last recording on 17th. We have decided to host a farewell ceremony for him, who has done his part as a panel member and an MC wonderfully”. Leeteuk has been filling the void left by Kang Ho-dong’s departure with Boom since last October. With a number of episodes in reserve, his appearance in the show seems to be guaranteed until the end of October.

Leeteuk will also depart from the SBS ‘Strong Heart’, at the end of the next month by latest.

PD Park Sang-hyeok has revealed that “our last recording with Leeteuk will change with Leeteuk’s enlistment date. We are projecting the date to be the 27th of this month, by earliest, and 11th of next month, by latest” and “his successor or Eunhyuk’s departure is not yet confirmed”. Leeteuk has held his own mini-segment ‘Teuk Academy’ with his fellow teammate Eunhyuk on ‘Strong Heart’ as a fixed panelist. His role has been credited with a significant role in the successful transformation from Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi’s format to Shin Dong-yeop and Lee Dong-wook’s era.

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