Leeteuk Shows off his Muscular Back – With a Devil in it?

of Super Junior has shown off his muscular back.

On August 14th, Leeteuk has posted on his Twitter, “I saw a devil. This is the result of everyday exercises after my work. Since I didn’t have much to do besides exercising, I suppose this is something to be happy at it. No photoshopping or lights! They say making a devil out of your back is difficult, but I managed it without alterations in diet. I feel great!”, with a picture.

Leeteuk is showing off his muscular back, made with his exercises, and Leeteuk’s back is reminiscent of a ‘devil’s face’, with their crooks and curves.

Leeteuk has commented that “I’ll reveal it in Good Body King! I’ll do my best for it because I’m the MC in it. I don’t like half-hearted efforts. Some of you might say ‘your body’s kinda gross’ but see it first. It will be pretty and slim. Look forward to it”, announcing his revelation in SBS ‘’.

Netizens have commented, “I can see his efforts in it”, “I’m looking forward to it”, “making his body like that isn’t easy, I’m impressed.”

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