Life is Beautiful Episode 1

Episode 1 part 1/3

Life is Beautiful Episode 1 part 2/3

Life is Beautiful Episode 1 part 3/3

“Life is Beautiful” tells the story of a blended family who lives on Jeju Island. Byung-Tae’s mother (Kim Yong-Rim) & father (Choi Jung-Hun) are the first generation. Kim Min-Jae (Kim Hae-Suk), Yang Byung-Tae (Kim Yeong-Cheol), Yang Byung-Joon (Kim Sang-Jung), & Jo Ah-Ra (Jang Mi-Hie) are the second generation. Yang Tae-Sub (Song Chang-Ui), Yang Ho-Sub (Lee Sang-Yun), Yang Ji-Hye (Woo Hee-Jin), & Yang Cho-Rong (Nam Gyu-Ri) are the third generation.

Song Chang Ui
Nam Gyu Ri
Lee Sang Woo
Nam Sang Mi
Lee Sang Yoon

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