MAMA Producers To Change Their Venue From Nagoya From Scheduling Issues

2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, or , will take place on a different place from Nagoya, which was considered a prime candidate.

MAMA is a global K-pop festival hosted by CJ E&M, and the 2012 venue of the awards have been known as the Nagoya of Japan until recent times. The producers, however, have been forced to change the venue after considerations of the date of the festival, and scheduling conflicts.

Mnet, on 31st, has revealed that “we have decided to exclude Nagoya from the list as the availability of the venue is difficult to meet considering our circumstances.”

Some have expressed their worries of anti-Korean sentiments in Japan causing these developers, but Mnet have insisted that this is not the case.

“Nagoya was only a ‘prospective’ venue, and the venue itself was not the one who cancelled it” and “we just had to exclude it from the list because the availability of the venue conflicts with the pre-existing arrangements of the producers, and correspondingly does not fit well to our circumstances.”

The representative has added, “we are currently looking for other Asian countries for the venue, and we think that the venue will be finalized soon”.

The previous year saw MAMA being hosted at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium, and , SNSD, and received the highest awards in the ceremony.

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