Master’s Sun Episode 13

Master’s Sun Episode 13

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56862494.3주군의 태양 OST (Master’s Sun OST)
Total: 18 songs
Name Artist Time Price
 Touch Love  Yoon Mirae  04:04  $0.99 itunes
미치게 만들어 (Crazy of you) 효린(Hyolin) 04:30 $0.99 itunes
낮과 밤 Day and Night 거미(Gummy) 03:41 $0.99 itunes
너와 나 You and I Hong Dae Kwang 03:48 $0.99 itunes
 In Memories  오준성(Oh joon sung)  02:04  $0.99 itunes
Candy Love (Touch love guitar ver) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 04:04 $0.99 itunes
Empty Garden 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:50 $0.99 itunes
Dangerous zone (Opening title) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:29 $0.99 itunes
 Tears in Rain  오준성(Oh joon sung)  01:47  $0.99 itunes
Ghost Tango 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:47 $0.99 itunes
출입금지 (Keep Out) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:46 $0.99 itunes
Love Connection 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:37 $0.99 itunes
Who are U (Ending Rock Guitar ver) [feat.Guitar 이병호] 오준성(Oh joon sung) 03:49 $0.99 itunes
Joogoon`S Sun 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:45 $0.99 itunes
Out of the Ghost 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:29 $0.99 itunes
This Is Me 오준성(Oh joon sung) 02:30 $0.99 itunes
Ghost Eyes 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:50 $0.99 itunes
Enjoy Party 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:27 $0.99 itunes

  • iffah

    subs please

  • KDrama Unlimited

    I will not be surprised if the twist of the story of Master’s Sun is that Cha Hee Joo is alive and Han Na was the twin who got killed in the car accident.

  • hanim

    Why i can’t watch this by using samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 ? And how to download this video ? Please reply because i want to watch this episode :( .

  • sarang

    galaxy tab is android. if you click download button that you can choice video player. however you must to install video player(or flash player) in galaxy tab

  • LittleBell

    Can you please tell me what piano song is playing while secretary Kim reminds his talk to Hanna? it’s about 38;45 I suppose… I’ll be very greatful =)