Master’s Sun Episode 16

Master’s Sun Episode 16

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56862494.3주군의 태양 OST (Master’s Sun OST)
Total: 18 songs
Name Artist Time Price
 Touch Love  Yoon Mirae  04:04  $0.99 itunes
미치게 만들어 (Crazy of you) 효린(Hyolin) 04:30 $0.99 itunes
낮과 밤 Day and Night 거미(Gummy) 03:41 $0.99 itunes
너와 나 You and I Hong Dae Kwang 03:48 $0.99 itunes
 In Memories  오준성(Oh joon sung)  02:04  $0.99 itunes
Candy Love (Touch love guitar ver) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 04:04 $0.99 itunes
Empty Garden 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:50 $0.99 itunes
Dangerous zone (Opening title) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:29 $0.99 itunes
 Tears in Rain  오준성(Oh joon sung)  01:47  $0.99 itunes
Ghost Tango 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:47 $0.99 itunes
출입금지 (Keep Out) 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:46 $0.99 itunes
Love Connection 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:37 $0.99 itunes
Who are U (Ending Rock Guitar ver) [feat.Guitar 이병호] 오준성(Oh joon sung) 03:49 $0.99 itunes
Joogoon`S Sun 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:45 $0.99 itunes
Out of the Ghost 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:29 $0.99 itunes
This Is Me 오준성(Oh joon sung) 02:30 $0.99 itunes
Ghost Eyes 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:50 $0.99 itunes
Enjoy Party 오준성(Oh joon sung) 01:27 $0.99 itunes

  • Tara

    please upload the HD …. T_T

  • Belit

    I hope it has a happy ending. It would break my heart if they don’t end up together!

  • sarang

    uploaded 10 episode. however trying HD 16 episode.wait a little.please

  • leenananaa

    Download link pleasee ;(

  • Abby Arsini

    I don’t want it has an ending story…
    too much loving it :)