Melody of Love Episode 26 Review: Hwang Sun Hee is Anxious about Da Som Finding Out Her Birth Secret

In , episode 26, Gong Soo Im(played by ) was anxious about Gong Deul Im(played by ) finding out her birth secret.

Deul Im came home drunk and started to sigh about her life. Yoo Jin Soon(played by ) saw this and said, “Wow. Are you resembling after your dad’s drinking habits now?” Soo Im quickly took Deul Im to her room.

In the room, Deul Im said to Soo Im, “Luck you. You love me, don’t you, sis? I love everyone in this family What why is it hurting? It’s like my heart is ripped into pieces.” Soo Im asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something going on?” However, Deul Im kept asking, “Sis, I’m your sister, right?” Soo Im was anxious that Deul Im would find out about her birth.

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