Melody of Love Episode 84 Review: Kim Hye Sun & Kim Hye Ok Have an Argument

In , episode 84, Yoon Ji Young(played by ) and Yoo Jin Soon(played by ) had an argument.

Ji Young came to Jin Soon’s house and asked, “Did you know that it was Soo Im(played by )’s younger sister who Hyun Woo(played by ) likes?” She added, “Don’t ever let Deul Im(played by ) come near Hyun Woo again.”

Jin Soon said, “Hyun Woo came to my house to ask for my approval a couple of days ago. I didn’t want to mistreat someone else’s kid, so I sent him away. But seems like my kid hasn’t been treated well at that house.” She continued, “What’s the point for the adults to interfere? Let’s stand back and watch.” However, Ji Young yelled, “What do you mean stand back?” Jin Soon got mad and said, “Why are you blaming on my kid. You should watch over your own son yourself.”

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  • Elizabeth

    Oh look !!!! Their mask just came off, they can finally see how hypocrite they both are !!!