Moon Chae-won Carries Out Her Promise Of ‘Horseriding Dance’ For Her Drama

Actress Moon Chae-won has kept to her promise for ‘Horseriding Dance’ after her drama ‘’ records the first place in viewership ratings in its broadcasting period.

Moon, on 20th, posted on her me2day a picture with comments “‘Nice Guy’ has won the 1st place!! I’m pleased to reveal Seo Eun-ki’s ‘Horseriding dance’ with much thanks and happiness!!^^ I hope you stick with us tonight as well”.

Moon, on the recent production announcement of the ‘Nice Guy’, promised that she would do the ‘Horseriding Dance’ of PSY if the viewership ratings of the drama are high, and she kept to her promise when the drama reached the first place in viewership ratings.

In the picture, Moon is sitting in her car, holding back laughter, and has crossed her hands for the trademark hand movement of the ‘Horseriding Dance’. The picture admittedly falls short of her initial promise of dancing movie clip, but the netizens have appreciated the gestures anyway.

Netizens have commented, “So cute! Congratulations for the first place!”, “I like it, but carry out your promise in full with a full movie!”, “I’ll stick with you again for tonight!”

AGB Nielsen Media Research has revealed that ratings for ‘Nice Guy’ has reached 13.8%, recording the same number with its competitor ‘Arang and the Magistrate’.

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