“My Sassy Girl” movie gets a Korean drama remake – Who do you think will suit the characters for this drama?


The 2001 romantic-comedy movie “” will have its Korean drama remake this year.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun and actor took the lead roles in the movie and seemed perfectly fit for the characters.

“My Sassy Girl” took off in Korea and also in China, Japan and all over Asia. It also has its movie remake in America in 2008 starring Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert. However, the movie was also made into a drama remake in Japan which was starred by Tsuyoshi Kusangi and Rena Tanaka, was shown in 2008.

The movie has been on to a project for a remake and has been carefully being planned which began 2 years ago. The production company Raemongraein had been interested to have a drama remake for this movie. But then, since the main character of the movie, Jun Ji Hyun, shone to its peak of popularity since the drama “You Who Came from the Stars”, the remake project has been the talk lately which also pressures the company to push through with the project.

Meanwhile, the cast for the drama remake hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Who do you think best suits the perky characters for this drama?

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  • jellyfish

    The original characters would fit the drama at its best.

  • rooo

    Ji-Woo! She played Go Aras younger self in ‘Youre all surrounded’ for the female lead and Yeo Jin Goo as the male lead!