New SBS Weekend drama “Glorious Days” showcases interesting plot and actors

 is a new weekend drama which depicts a story of a mother and a novel writer, Han Song Jung played by Kim Mi Sook, who has raised three daughters Da-Ae (Hwang Woo Seul Hye), Da-Jung (Park Se-Young) and Da-In (Ko Woo-Ri). She now faces great struggle on how to send her daughters off to marry good men.

Glorious Days PD Hong Sung Chang showcased a powerful cast which comes with the interesting plot.


Meet the PD and the WRITER

Glorious Days is the collaboration of writer Moon Hae Jung and PD Hong Sung Chang. These geniuses had taken their respective dramas to popularity. Writer Hong Sung Chang worked on with dramas I Miss You (MBC / 2012-2013), You Smile (SBS / 2009-2010) and Can You Hear My Heart (MBC / 2011).

The new weekend drama also gains much attention because of its powerful direction by Hong Sung Chang who had also directed He’s Beautiful (SBS / 2009), The Lord of the Dramas (SBS / 2012-2013) and to the world’s first 3D drama Kang Koo’s Story (SBS / 2014).

Huge Variety of Couples and Rivals

The drama also showcases a huge variety of fresh love story between couples but also with rivalries. , , , , , Kim Hyung Kyu, and more other actors and actresses to look forward to.

There will be a very intriguing and interesting four-dimensional love between these characters, personality opposites and many other portrayals that will sum up a good love story.

Veteran actors

As part of the drama, the veteran actors included in the cast support the completeness of the whole drama plot. Kim Mi Sook, and are expected to be seen in the drama and the romance that will arise between them. Actress will also portray her part and will surely add to the drama’s twist.

An Unusual Healing Story about “Encouraging Somebody to Marriage”

Glorious Days is a story on a how somebody is encouraged to marriage and the consequences that the family will face. It has been said as the birth of an “unusual healing story” that the viewers can surely convey and relate especially with those who are in the particular situation. The story will certainly leave a fun and interesting impression.

Studio Logos Film said, “The actors wholeheartedly gave out their best efforts to make the drama fun to watch and interesting. ‘Glorious Days’ will surely fill your weekends with fun and lessons. Please stay tuned for this drama.”

Glorious Days airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:40PM KST on SBS.

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