Park Hae Jin successfully wraps up his fan meeting event in Tokyo


On June 15, actor held a event in Tokyo at Hibiya public Hall which gathered more than 1,500 fans.

The fan meeting event was themed as a proposal preparation for his future girlfriend. The fans, especially the women, enjoyed the event and went crazy because of Park Hae Jin’s romantic side. The women’s hearts fluttered even more when the actor came out on the stage with a bouquet of flowers on his hand.

Park Hae Jin was friendly and honest enough to answer the fans’ questions after they watched a video of the actor’s behind-the-scenes. The crowd were very excited and the atmosphere has gone much wilder when Park Hae Jin’s friends, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jong Shin, Lee Sang Yoon and Jiang Lang, sent questions through video messages.

The event was really filled with interesting and joyful events when the fans had the opportunity to interact with the actor. Park Hae Jin selected five fans from the audience and performed a skit with them to act out as lovers. He was able to interact with them since he studied the Japanese language. The crowd all cheered all throughout the event.

Park Hae Jin also gave out some necklaces, sunglasses and neckties he wore in dramas to some selected fans. To thank all the fans who were present in the event, Park Hae Jin was generous enough to give out a rose and a fan to each of the fans.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin plays a role in the SBS drama “”.

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