Pinocchio Episode 11 Review: Lee Jong Suk Blames Himself for What Happened 13 Years Ago

In , episode 11, Choi Dal Po(played by ) blamed himself for what happened 13 years ago.

Dal Po said to his brother, Ki Jae Myung(played by ), “Turn yourself in, Jae Myung. Stop the revenge from here.” Jae Myung replied, “That woman set our father up and killed our mother. How could you tell me to stop?”

Dal Po continued, “Do you think mom died because of Song Cha Ok(played by )? That’s not it. You’re partially responsible for her death as well. Why did you run away leaving mom and me behind? Why didn’t you protect us?” Jae Myung was surprised and asked, “You think I ran away?” Dal Po answered, “If you were there with us that day, mom wouldn’t have made that awful decision. Where were you?”

Jae Myung explained, “I went to see Song Cha Ok. To protect you and mom. I thought she was a reporter so I went to see her. I was stupid. She used my interview to set our dad up.”

13 years ago, after the interview with Jae Myung, Cha Ok said to her staff, “Use the part where he said he doesn’t care about anything, he just wants his dad back.” Jae Myung got extremely angry hearing this, and shouted at her. He was eventually locked up in jail for the night, and that was the reason why he could not be with the family.

Dal Po was shocked about what actually happened that day. Jae Myung asked, “I want to ask you. If you were me, would you stop this revenge?”

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