Pinocchio Episode 19 Review: Jin Kyung Self-Destructs Herself to Capture Kim Hae Sook

In , episode 19, Song Cha Ok(played by ) self-destructed herself to capture Park Lo Sa(played by ).

Cha Ok handed over the call history of Lo Sa to Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) and said, “Give this to Ki Ha Myung(played by ). I become the whistle-blower, not you, okay?” She added, “Also tell your friend, An Chan Soo(played by ), to sue me for defamation. Then the police will start investigating and I’m going to use that chance to disclose everything. You guys should pay extra attention to let the world know about this.”

In Ha teared up and said to her mother, “You’re going to lose everything.” Cha Ok replied, “I don’t really feel bad. I was actually quite tried and weary.”

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