Pinocchio Episode 19 Review: Kim Young Gwang Turns Himself in for Kim Hae Sook

In , episode 19, Seo Bum Jo(played by ) turned himself in for his mother, Park Lo Sa(played by ).

Previously, Bum Jo appologized to Ki Ha Myung(played by ), “My mother would never give up. But then I can’t accuse my family like you did. I’m sorry.” Ha Myung answered, “You don’t need to feel sorry. I let go of revenge, resentment, those kind of feelings a long time ago. Hey, Seo Bum Jo, I like you. I like In Ha even more(played by Park Shin Hye). A minute, a second doesn’t feel enough. That how much I like her. That’s why I let go of those kind of feelings.”

Later Bum Jo hugged Lo Sa and said, “How come I didn’t know that you’ve been living a weary life? And that I was able to receive everything because of your sacrifice.” Lo Sa replied, “You don’t need to know. All you need to do, my son, is to receive what you deserve.” Bum Jo whispered, “I’m sorry, mother.”

Bum Jo turned himself in to the police. In Ha said to Lo Sa, “Bum Jo asked me to tell you that everything he received and what he will be receiving, he will take responsibility in them along with you. He said sorry for not knowing earlier, and that he will always be with you from now on.”

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