Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Hae Sook Corners Herself by Saving Kim Young Gwang

In the last episode of , Park Lo Sa(played by ) cornered herself by saving her son, Seo Bum Jo(played by ).

Previously, Bum Jo turned himself in to the police. Lo Sa wailed, “I cannot let my son stay at a police station for even one second. I’m going in so he can be released!”

Song Cha Ok(played by ) gave Ki Ha Myung(played by ) and Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) an advice to keep asking Lo Sa the same question over and over again so she can eventually expose herself.

While Lo Sa kept avoiding the reporters’ questions, Ha Myung repeatedly asked the same question, “Do you really think your son is not guilty?” Lo Sa got mad in the end and shouted, “My son is innocent! He’s a good kid! He turned himself in for his mother. That’s how good he is!”

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