Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Hae Sook Does Not Reflect on Herself

In the last episode of , Park Lo Sa(played by ) still did not reflect on herself.

Seo Bum Jo(played by ) visited Lo Sa in jail. As soon as Lo Sa saw her son, she said, “Have you met the chief of the legal department? Are you sure you’re completely out of prison? My son, how did you manage to sleep on the floor in jail? Mommy’s back is chubby so it doesn’t hurt that much sleeping on the floor. But you’re skinny and it must have been painful for you to stay here.”

Lo Sa continued, “Mommy’s gonna be out soon. I’m probably going to be sentenced monetary penalty or community service. I won’t stay here no more than three years. Of course I’ll be out soon. I’ve done so much for this country’s economy. Mommy knows this well. People are gonna forget about this soon. It won’t be a problem to start working again.”

Bum Jo felt ashamed and disappointed as his mother did not reflect on herself at all.

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