Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Young Gwang Hugs Park Shin Hye for the Last Time

In the last episode of , Seo Bum Jo(played by ) hugged Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) for the last time.

Bum Jo was released after Park Lo Sa(played by ) got arrested. He asked Ki Ha Myung(played by ) to let him borrow In Ha for 30 minutes.

Bum Jo said to In Ha, “I was going to give you your birthday gift but I never had a chance. I was going to tell you this. ‘Happy birthday, Choi In Ha. I missed you so much. Choi In Ha. I’m glad I met you.’” In Ha asked, “Are you still glad you met me?” Bum Jo smiled and answered, “Of course.”

Bum Jo hugged In Ha and said, “I would have regretted if I didn’t hug you. I’m going to go now for real. Goodbye.”

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