Princess Aurora Episode 120 Review: Jun So Min Thinks of Seo Ha Joon and Cries

In , episode 120, Oh Ro Ra(played by ) thought of Sul Sul Hee(played by ) and cried.

Previously, Ro Ra told Hwang Ma Ma(played by ) that his sisters were talking in English and French on front of her to leave her out. Ma Ma said to Hwang Si Mong(played by ), “Don’t talk in English and French in front of Ro Ra. You shouldn’t be doing that in front of someone. That’s rude.”

Si Mong got mad and planned a different way to leave Ro Ra out. She said to her sisters, “We don’t even need to scold her anymore. Just treat her like she’s invisible.”

As the sisters started to ignore her, Ro Ra was even more upset. She thought of Sul Hee while drinking and cried.

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