Princess Aurora Episode 26 Review: Oh Chang Suk Gets Advice AboutJun So Min from Kim Bo Yun & Kim Hye Eun

In , episode 26, Hwang Ma Ma(played by ) got advice about Oh Ro Ra(played by ) from his sisters.

On his birthday, Ma Ma and his sisters had breakfast together. While eating, Ma Ma started off saying, “One of my friends told me that he can’t understand girls.” He continued, “So this girl liked my friend and followed him everywhere, but all of a sudden she treated him like an enemy.”

Hwang Si Mong(played by ) replied, “Perhaps your friend did something wrong to the girl.” Ma Ma tried to defend himself by blaming on Ro Ra, but the sisters, who had no idea it was Ma Ma’s own story, kept on taking Ro Ra’s side. Ma Ma was even more confused.

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