Princess Aurora Episode 29 Review: Oh Chang Suk’s Three Sisters Scolds Kim Se Min

In , episode 29, Hwang Ma Ma(played by )’s three sisters scolded Yoon Hae Ki(played by ) for punching Ma Ma.

Hwang Si Mong(played by ) saw Ma Ma’s face and asked who hit him. Ma Ma did not answer, but Si Mong eventually found out that Hae Ki punched his face.

The next morning, Si Mong, Hwang Mi Mong(played by ) and Hwang Ja Mong(played by ) went to see Hae Ki. They shouted at his as soon as they went into the office, and Hae Ki was frightened. He tried to make excuses that he was drunk, but Si Mong yelled, “You drink alcohol with your mouth, not with your fist!” Then she started to cry and said, “How could you hit him? He’s all grown up.” Hae Ki was flustered and promised them that he will apologize to Ma Ma.

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