Princess Aurora Episode 30 Review: Jun So Min is Nicer to Kim Se Min

In , episode 30, Oh Ro Ra(played by ) was nicer to Yoon Hae Ki(played by ).

Hae Ki called Ro Ra out separately and encouraged her on the acting. He said, “You’ll be on the drama a lot more from now on. Sorry if I’ve hurt you.” Ro Ra replied, “No, you didn’t.”

She continued, “I have a trust in you. You have a prudent image. I used to watch your movies with my friends when I was young, and I cried a lot. You can always tell the tendency of the directors when you watch a movie, and you seemed like a warm-hearted person. It’s a great honor to act for your drama.” Hae Ki was satisfied and said, “Thanks. It would make me happy too if you become famous through my drama.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Ma Ma(played by Oh Chang Suk) looked at Ro Ra and thought, ‘Why is she nice to him all of a sudden?”

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