Princess Aurora Episode 31 Review: Seo Ha Joon Gets Slapped by Kim Se Min for Jun So Min

In , episode 31, Sul Sul Hee(played by ) got slapped by Yoon Hae Ki(played by ) for Oh Ro Ra(played by ).

As Ro Ra felt dissatisfied with her acting, she called the scriptwriter and told her that the director was describing the character in a weird way. The scriptwriter called Hae Ki to edit the filming, and Hae Ki got extremely mad at Ro Ra.

Hae Ki approached Ro Ra with anger and as Sul Hee blocked his way, he slapped him on the face. Ro Ra was surprised and said, “Hit me instead.” Sul Hee explained to Hae Ki, “She wanted to do better on the acting that’s why.” However, Hae Ki yelled, “That chick has taken this too far. What kind of actress is that?”

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