Princess Aurora Episode 35 Review: Seo Ha Joon is Afraid that Jun So Min Might Have Supernatural Powers

In , episode 35, Sul Sul Hee(played by ) was afraid that Oh Ro Ra(played by ) might have supernatural powers.

Previously, Wang Yeo Ok(played by ) has told Ro Ra that she met Sul Hee at an art gallery over the weekend. Ro Ra decided to trick Sul Hee and said, “I dreamed a very realistic dream. I dreamed of you at an art gallery looking at paintings last Saturday.” Sul Hee was surprised and replied, “Yes, I was there!”

Then he started to worry that she might have supernatural powers. Ro Ra continued, “Don’t tell anyone. What I dream of becomes a reality.” Sul Hee got even more anxious and thought to himself, ‘What? Does she really have supernatural powers?’ Then he imagined her as a psychic. Meanwhile, Ro Ra quietly laughed to herself.

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