Profile of So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub is a South Korean actor. He was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 4, 1977.  He started his career in 1996 through a Korean sitcom ‘Three Guys and Three Girls’ but it was 1997 that he first got attention from people by modeling for the jeans brand ’STORM’. So’s agency is 51K Entertainment.



Television Series

1996 Three Guys and Three Girls (MBC)

1997 Model (SBS)

1998 What You Cherish Can Never Be Forgotten (MBC)

1998 I Hate You, But It’s Fine (SBS)

2000 Love Story: ‘Miss Hip-hop and Mister Rock’ (SBS)

2000 Joa Joa (SBS)

2000 Because of You (MBC)

2000 Wang Rung’s Land (SBS)

2000 Have You Ever Said ‘I Love You?’ (MBC)

2000 Cheers for the Women (SBS)

2001 Long Way (SBS)

2001 Delicious Proposal (MBC)

2001 Law Firm (SBS)

2002 We Are Dating Now (SBS)

2002 Glass Slippers (SBS)

2003 Thousand Years of Love (SBS)

2004 What Happened in Bali (SBS)

2004 I’m Sorry, I Love You (KBS)

2008 U-Turn (OCN)

2009 Cain and Abel (SBS)

2009 I am Ghost (BeeTV Japan)

2010 Road No.1 (MBC)

2012 Phantom (SBS)


2002 Can’t Live Without Robbery

2008 Kitaro and the Millennium Curse

2008 Rough Cut

2009 Sophie’s Revenge

2011 Always

2012 A Company Man

Music Videos

1997 Good-Bye Yesterday by Turbo

1999 For You by Ryu Chan

2001 The End by Lee Hyun-woo

2001 Beautiful Days by Jang Hye-jin

2004 Mr. Flower by Jo Sung-mo

2005 A Word That I Couldn’t Say by Jo Sung-mo

2005 Tears Are Forming by Jo Sung-mo

2008 Only You by Go Yu-jin

2008 Love Seat by Wheesung

2008 Lonely Life by G-Sonic

2010 Smiling Goodbye by Soya n Sun

2010 Take by Seo In-guk

2012 Some Kind of Story with Hug Gak and Mellow

Variety Shows

1997 Saturday Power Start: ‘Oh Happy Day’ (KBS)

1998 Faust (KBS)

1999 Freedom (KBS)

2000 Inkigayo 43 (KMTV)

1999-2000 Music Camp (MBC)

2000 SBS Beautiful Sunday: Crossing the Korea Strait

2011 Infinite Challenge (Guest in Ep.260, 264, 265)




2012 Corona Borealis

Digital Singles

2008 Lonely Life

2008 Foolish Love

2011 Pick Up Line



2010 So Ji-sub’s Road – Photo Essays

2011 So Ji-sub’s Only You – Photo Essays

2012 SONICe – Magazine



2000 SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor – ‘Joa Joa’, ‘ Cheers for the Women’

2001 Fashion Model Awards: Ms & Mr. Davidoff Award

2003 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – ‘Thousand Years of Love’

2003 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor (Excellence Award, Special Project) – ‘Thousand Years of Love’

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Im Soo-jung – ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award - ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award - ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor, Excellence Award - ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’

2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award – ‘What Happened in Bali’

2005 41st Baeksang Arts Awards:Best Actor in a TV Drama - ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’

2008 25th Best Jeanist Awards: Recipient, International Category

2008 28th Korean Critics’ Choice Awards: Best Actor – ‘Rough Cut’

2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 8th New York Asian Film Festival: Rising Star Asia Award - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 10th Busan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 18th Buil Film Awards: Best New Actor - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 Grime Awards: Best Actor - ‘Rough Cut’

2009 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism citation: Broadcasting Actor of the Year – ‘Cain and Abel’

2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars - ‘Cain and Abel’

2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor, Top Excellence Award - ‘Cain and Abel’

2010 47th Daejong Film Festival: Cultural Achievement

2010 3rd Style Icon Awards: International Style Icon

2010 Korea Lifestyle Awards: Best Dressed Male of the Year

2011 Korean Tourism Organization: Ministry of Culture Special Achievement Award

2011 19th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards: Grand Prize (Film) – ‘Always’


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