Rain and Kim Tae Hee In Relationship

비·김태희, 3개월째 열애…국내 최고 톱스타 커플 탄생 :: 네이버 뉴스

The greatest celebrity couple has emerged with the singer and actress .

An entertainment media source Dispatch has revealed on 1st the paparazzi shot of the dating scene with Kim Tae-hee and Rain, reporting the couple’s relationship.

According to the magazine, the couple has been going out with each other for 3 months now. After their initial meeting on 2011 January in a commercial filming, the couple grew closer after Rain transferred to the entertainment division within the army, going out together since last September.

Rain and Kim Tae-hee has been meeting once a week. Dispatch first sighted their meeting on November 23rd, in a specific place, using 3 different cars.

The couple’s dating has reportedly been in their car and the house. Since last month, the couple has reportedly been meeting each Sunday, spending the Christmas together after Rain went on a leave from 23rd onwards.

Dispatch reported that Kim Tae-hee eventually fell for Rain after the singer’s longtime quest to earn her hand. Rain reportedly tried endlessly to earn Kim Tae-hee’s love.

Kim Tae-hee will make her comeback through the SBS ‘’ (working title), a re-imagination of Concubine Jang as the fashion designer of the Joseon era.

Rain has been away on his mandatory military service from 2011 onwards. He will be discharged on July 10th.

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