Rain Hospitalized Because of Back Pain

Actor and singer (Jeong Ji-hoon) has been hospitalized following suspicions of slipped lumbar disk after he reported back pains.

On 24th, a representative from the Ministry of Defense has stated that Rain has not participated in the military star audition ‘Be The Star’, set to be held on the same day.

He revealed that Rain has reported back pains on the night of 23rd, and was hospitalized with the approval of the medic in a military hospital nearby. The representative continued, “he is currently hospitalized after undergoing analysis” and “it is likely for the cause to be the slipped lumbar disk, but we are waiting for the results”.

Rain will probably miss out the ‘Armed Forces Day’ festival on 25th. Furthermore, his medical discharge has also been predicted because of his injury. Slipped lumbar disks in military services often end up in hospitalization, or at most medical discharges.

A representative of Rain, however, has commented, “as of now, his injury seems not severe enough to hamper his service” and “he is very determined to fulfill his service to the end”.

Rain has enlisted on last October, as a drill instructor in the training center of 5th division. He has requested for transfer to the military media corps, and has been active in the corps, being onstage in many festivals.

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