Rascal Sons Episode 39: Seo In Guk Serenades Yoon Se In To Get Her Back

Rascal Sons Episode 39: Seo In Guk Captures Yoon Se In's Heart With His Serenade

Seung-ki (Seo In-guk)’s serenade put him one step closer to make up with his ex-wife Mi-rim (Yoon Se-in).

Mi-rim, who has been seeing Seung-ki’s efforts to make up for his past mistakes and to get her back, is visited by her ex-mother-in-law Jung-sook (Na Moon-hee). Jung-sook asks her warmly to reconsider Seung-ki for Bo-ram, and Mi-rim is shaken.

Mi-rim at last goes to see Seok-jin (Lee Hyun-wook), and returns the ring. To Seok-jin, who is disappointed heavily, Mi-rim confesses that it is because of Seung-ki. Seok-jin nevertheless vows not to give up on her.

That night, Seung-ki’s voice is heard outside Mi-rim’s house. Mi-rim sees Seung-ki serenading her with a song, and Seung-ki apologizes to her and asks her to receive his heart. Mi-rim, seeing his earnestness, decides to give him a chance, and Seung-ki embraces her like the old days, and Mi-rim does not push him away.

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