‘Roommate’ and ‘Hotel King’ actor Lee Dong Wook crowned as the “Weekend King”


Actor possesses the charm of the weekend program addiction.

Lee Dong Wook takes the lead role in the Saturday-Sunday drama “” and also joins the wonderful family on the Sunday reality show “”. The actor seemed to have captured the attention of the viewers with his incomparable charms and charisma that surely entertain the viewers all weekend.

Lee Dong Wook showcases an incredible acting skill with his drama “Hotel King” plus his good-looking physique and appearance that entice the viewers much more.  His fashion sense has also been eye-catching since he projects an image of a decent, cool, manly and handsome man but with perfect twist with his character as he stands up against his father to avenge his mother.

Very much the opposite of his character in the drama, Lee Dong Wook reveals his maturity and perky personality in the SBS reality show “Roommate”. He’s been called as everybody’s big brother because he always makes time to give useful advice whenever they need it. Despite his funny and lively character, he still reveals his mature side which allows him to be approachable whenever his roommates would want to spare some time with him.

The “Bodong” couple has been on trend nowadays wherein he gets teamed up with 2NE1 member Park Bom because of the bond they have built inside the house. The two have been speculated to be perfect as a reel or real couple.

Meanwhile, see more of Lee Dong Wook as he portrays his character in “Hotel King” every Saturday and Sunday at 9:45PM on MBC. Moreoever, watch more of his real and perky personality in “Roommate” every Sunday at 4:10PM on SBS.

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  • Andrea

    He is DEFINTELY the KING of OUR hearts….. Oppa, saranghaye !