“Roommate” member Nana shares her thoughts about her ideal type

SBS “” is about 11 different celebrities who live together in one house. Each of them will learn how to get along with each other despite their differences. The reality show just premiered last month.

One of the roommate members is ’s who definitely stands out because of her sweet charms and incomparable beauty. also shares what here ideal type of man is. In the early episodes of “Roommate”, she admitted that her ideal type among the roommates were Seo Kang Jun.


Nana also expressed what she thinks of her guy roommates in the reality show. She said, “Shin Sung Woo has that charisma that everybody loves and most especially his cooking skills. He’s very good in cooking that’s why everybody calls him mom.” She added, “Chanyeol is very young to be in the music industry but he deserves to be there. He seemed to have a soft personality but with an overflowing strength inside. He is everybody’s younger brother.”

She added, “Seo Kang Jun is a very good friend but more of like a brother to me. I thought that it was difficult to approach him in the first time, maybe because of the image he had in the drama. But I was just looking on the wrong side and he’s way different from what I think he is.”

She continued, “Lee Dong Wook oppa is like a big brother for all us. He gives very helpful advice. He’s funny too but then the opposite of Park Min Woo. He somehow a bit naughty but he has a sense of humor.”


Because of the closeness Nana and Jo Se Ho had in the reality show, speculations come out if there would be a possible loveline between the two. Nana commented, “He’s very playful and very funny. His character could be somebody’s ideal type and his character is very close to my ideal type.”

Nana shares her experience in the reality show and how comfortable every member is inside the house.

Orange Caramel member Nana has been busy shooting for various CFs and  photo shoots.

“Roommate” airs every Sunday on SBS.

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