“Roommate” Park Min Woo reveals that his personality on TV matches 80% of his personality in real life



Actor has been the focus of attention between the viewers since he joined the reality show “” because of his beautiful personality – honest and truthful. But then, in a recent blog post of the actor, Park Min Woo shared thoughts about his personality in real life and on TV.

On the official blog of King Kong Entertainment, Park Min Woo shared his sense in fashion, personal life and stories and experiences in the reality show “Roommate”.

In the recent episode of “Roommate” Park Min Woo and 2NE1 member Park Bom made a prank saying that they were a couple. The reel romance made the women viewers’ hearts flutter and has really gained much attention. After the episode, Park Min Woo revealed in his blog that his personality on TV matches 80% of his personality in real life. He said, “I like listening rather than talking to people, but now, I tried to take the initiative to talk with my roommates. And I am happy now that we all feel comfortable with each other.” He also said that he perfectly adapted with his roommates.

He added, “I think my fans seemed to like my dimples when I smile as well as with my bright and timid personality,” then he laughed.

Netizens commented:

 “Park Min Woo is very attractive and I want to get to know him more.”

“His character in Roommate is really heart-warming. I really like him.”

“I look forward to see more about him.”

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  • Chrisse

    I like him, his a nice guy..But one thing he needs to change is talking while his mouth full..